CoronaVirus - Update

Since March, we've all involuntarily entered a new and frightening world. Home isolation, employment and income issues, funerals over Zoom, cancelled celebrations, and hardest of all, separation from close family and friends. These all lead to new and heightened levels of stress and anxiety, levels that many of us have never experienced before.

Yet, there's a positive side amongst all the "doom and gloom". Hundreds of thousands of UK residents have volunteered to help the NHS; some families have been brought closer together, and not just geographically by holding regular streaming video calls across multiple countries and continents; and many of us are learning about our strengths as well as our weaknesses.

In whatever way I can help my clients I will, and with this in mind:

  • Online Therapy sessions - Even though face to face therapy sessions aren't currently an option, I'm continuing to offer sessions via Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, or via a "normal" telephone call.
  • Concessions - Recognising you might be under unusual financial strain, I'm happy to offer concessions against my standard fee. Contact me and we'll discuss.
  • Mini-Sessions - In addition to my standard 50-minute therapy sessions, I now also offer 30-minute "mini" sessions for half the normal price. This has been working extremely well over the last few weeks, and caters for clients who want extra therapy or those just wanting a shorter session that week, often because their home environment makes it more difficult to have a ┬álonger session.


  • I'm sending out free weekly hints and tips on how to deal with these new stresses and higher levels of anxiety, called CareMails, to all my clients and more. If you'd like to be added to the email distribution list, please email me at
  • Click here to see all CareMails released to date.
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